Annie’s Commitment—You are purchasing the unique products made by Annie and the services exclusively provided by Annie. Annie will do everything possible to ensure that she fulfils your request. However, unforeseen circumstances may make it impossible for Annie to do so. In these cases, Annie will refund all payments made.

Design-Annie custom design's each event to perfectly match your theme, colors, and preferences. Annie DOES NOT ever copy someone else's work (that's rude) and Annie CANNOT ever use copy righted figures and graphics (that's illegal). Rest assured, you will still remarkable confections and Annie can honestly say that no one has even had your design before.

Venue—Please check with your venue to see if they only allow licensed bakeries or already contract with a baker. Annie is a homestead baker. If outside, Annie must be  under cover and on the North or East side (Never south or West) . Annie can not guarantee that your goodies will not melt into a pile of  goo or that they will remain safe to eat if exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight (even inside).


Delivery—Annie will deliver, set-up, and refresh your Show Stopper at no charge if within 50 miles of the address below. If more then 50 miles, Annie will deliver, set-up, and refresh your Show Stopper  for $10 per mile in excess of 50 miles. Annie will deliver and set-up Signature Sweets for $25 within 50 miles.


Deposit—A 50% deposit is required at signing. The deposit in non-refundable since Annie will use your deposit to purchase unique items for your event.  Should you reschedule your event, within 6 months, and Annie is available, and the details of your order does not change (substantially), Annie will use your deposit  towards your next event.


Payment—The balance must be paid 10 days prior to the event. The payment is non-refundable since Annie will use your deposit to purchase unique items for your event.  Should you reschedule your event, within 6 months, and Annie is available,  and the details of your order does not change (substantially), Annie will use your payment  towards your next event.


Discounts—Annie prides herself on creating one of a kind, delicious, homemade goodies and out of control presentations for special events. Although not everyone can afford this service, Annie believes that everyone deserves this. Annie is a sucker for a good story, so share.  She also loves to barter, so ask away!


Themes and Colors in 5 Steps

1. Decide if your reception is going to be formal or casual. The old rule of thumb was “After 4:00pm” meant formal and “Daytime” meant informal, but times have changed. You can have a very elegant event in the middle of the day, if you so choose! Formal themes might include Ballroom, 1940’s, Middle East, or Casino. Casual Themes might include Farm, Cowboy Western, Woodland, Camo, and so on. Themes that can swing either way might include Celtic, Superheros, Star Wars, Country, or Shabby Chic. Once you have decided how formal your event will be, the rest will come fairly easily.


2. Commit to a Primary Color. This is usually the color of your bride’s maid dresses or the main flower in your bouquet. If you choose a Farm Theme, you might want sunflowers. Tadah! Your primary color is now yellow. If you just like the color orange, then orange it is. Whatever you choose as your primary color will anchor your secondary color. Just remember not to stray too far from your theme.


3. Commit to your secondary color(s). Sunflower yellow is rich and bright. Cobalt or navy blue would pair well, but teal and sky blue would get washed out. Red goes with yellow, but only if it is done right. Yellow roses, on the other hand, can be soft and muted. Pinks, teals, peaches, and most other soft colors would compliment these beautifully.

4. Tie it all together. So, you’ve picked your primary and your secondary colors. Now you need to link them together with a color that will be constant. The usual suspect is green. But, the correct tone (or tones of green) is critical. Green is easy because flowers usually need vines and leaves. But many events are tied with black, red, or tan.

5. Now you can add complimentary colors. If you have picked Yellow Roses as your primary and teal dresses as your secondary, you choose peach and insert daisies, candles, actual peaches, or ribbons.

About The Cake

1. Decide whether your cake will inside or outside. Besides the Bride, The Cake should be the thing that your guests talk about for years to come. Like all confections, it must be protected from extreme temperatures. If it is inside, find a prominent location that will not be exposed to southern or western sunlight. If it is outside, keep it to the North or East, cool, and away from wind.


2. Determine the table size and shape. Annie provides a complimentary 4 foot table, but you need to decide if that fits your event. If you are having a cake cutting ceremony, you and your groom will usually stand behind the table for viewing and picture purposes. The top of the cake and other table items should never be taller than you’re your arm pit. If you have a topper or other embellishment for the cake, you need to give it to Annie well in advance. It is Annie’s experience that many figurines (as cute as they are) are too heavy to sit on top of a cake. But, Annie has been known to make anything work.


3. You want this beauty to be on display. Annie loans complimentary cake stands to enhance your Theme. Annie also provides complimentary accents for the table and is glad to loan you a cake knife. You should tell Annie about anything you already have (and what song you be playing).


4. Annie will design around your request. Tell Annie if you want any vegan of gluten-free products and if there will be any children in attendance (no spiked goodies). Also, decide if you want to save some for your first anniversary. Finally, decide on a combination of flavors that offer traditional along with a twist. Vanilla and chocolate are very reliable. But you might also want to offer a velvet, strawberry, lime, or a trendy salted caramel.


Cupcakes, Cookies, and Whatnot
(3 dozen minimum)

Primitive $25 - Delicious, moist cupcakes with Annie's Signature Buttercream


Cupcakeology $30 - Gluten-free, organic, or custom flavor cupcakes and designs for literally any occasion


Embellished $30 - Primitive cupcakes with molded chocolate or piped buttercream toppers


Over The Top $35 - Primitive cupcakes with hand made marzipan or modeling chocolate toppers


Rustic Tendencies $20 - Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, M&M, Shortbread, or  Ask Cookies


Masterful $25 - Custom Sugar cookies with royal icing art


Krispie Treats $15 dozen - customized, colored, dipped, flavored, and wrapped for your party


Marshmallows $20 dozen - pillow handmade soft confections customized to wow your guests

(20 guest minimum)

Well-Behaved $3 —Moist traditional layered cake with Annie's Own Buttercream with intoxicating filling adorned with beautiful buttercream


The Spirited $4 —Custom Topsy Turvey, Carved, or 3D with marzipan or modeling chocolate embellishments


Happy Ending $50— 3D Topper designed only for the guest of honor or couple. Hand crafted from Modeling Chocolate or Marzipan, this will potentially keep  up to a year.

Annie's Signature Show Stoppers
(Minimum 36 Guests)

Show Stoppers are one of a kind displays provided on either Annie’s 4 foot table or your special table. Your Show Stopper will have a customized cover, hand picked adornments, and Signature Sweets to compliment your theme and color scheme. Your guests will be talking about your event for years to come!


Half Baked Tablescape - Includes Cupcakes, Marshmallows, Krispie Treats, and a Custom Snack Mix!

Primitive $5

Cupcakeology $6

Embellished $7

Over The top $8

Once In A Blue Moon $9—Half Baked Tablescape PLUS Rustic Tendencies Cookies

Forget Me Not $10—Half Baked PLUS Masterful Cookies

Happily Ever After $12—Forget Me Not PLUS a Well-Behave Cake   


355 Old Holmes Road

Hopkinton, NH 03229


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